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Society for Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists In Nigeria


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1. Board of Trustees
2. Annual General Meeting (The General Assembly)
3. The Governing Council
4. Executive Council


Full and Associate memberships shall be by application to the Secretary-General, accompanied by a current curriculum vitae, a list of the candidate’s publications and a letter from a referee who must be an active financial member of the society. Upon receipt of such a duly completed application form, the Secretary-General will bring it to the Executive Council for consideration and approval before formal admission at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.

Full Membership

Membership of SOGHIN shall be open to all medical and allied scientists working in the fields of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria

Associate Membership

This shall be open to all medical and allied trainee scientists and postgraduate students specializing in the fields of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria

Corporate Membership

This shall be open to all corporate organizations with interest in the fields
of Gastroenterology and Hepatology based on the recommendation of the
Executive Council.

Admission Fee

Each newly admitted member shall pay an admission fee, the level of which shall be determined at the Annual General Meetings.

Annual Dues

Each member shall pay annual dues, the level of which shall be recommended from time to time by the Executive Council and approved by the Annual General Meeting. Failure to pay annual dues for two consecutive years will render the member liable for suspension until such a member resumes payment of dues as well as clear the backlog.


A member shall be free to resign from SOGHIN on condition that six months notice is given in writing to the Secretariat. During that time, such a member shall fulfill all commitments already undertaken.

Determination of Membership

The Governing Council may propose terminating the membership of members who have ceased to contribute to the objectives of the Society, who have not attended five consecutive regular meetings, or who, despite written notifications by the Secretary-General, are in arrears of annual dues for five years. The Governing Council will make its recommendations on this report to the Annual General Meeting which shall have the power to take a decision on the report by 2/3 majority of members present.


Only financial members shall be eligible to vote in the Annual General Meetings.